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Windows Phone App Studio, a web-based developer tool has 65K apps in 2 months after its launch

Microsoft said since the launch of Windows Phone App Studio Beta in last August, 160K Developers have already built 65000 apps in their web-based easy application development tool with more than 150,000 projects created in just 2 months.



Now, Microsoft want to keep the momentum by upgrading their developer tools, which allows the easy and quick apps also to be more secure and strong. The upgrade includes the features such as “cache implementation” for offline content access, “Fast Resume” for default language publication on store and “FlipView” for easy navigation between items in app data source.

Windows phone App Studio Beta users can incorporate other functions of the phones by simply creating menus, such as phone calling, play music, open Nokia Maps and open other native apps  along with the NFC integration, which allows transferring the app to other members of Windows App Studio Beta. Additionally, the upgrade provides the opportunity to earn money on their apps by integrating the Windows Phone ad kit. Users need to open Visual Studio project in order to add an ad control to the app and then enter their pubCenter ID (Obviously you need an pubCenter account) and publish the app on Windows Phone Store.

If you are interested and want to try the new upgrades of App Studio, just go to this link.


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