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Robbers arrested in ‘backhoe’ theft of ATM from Florida Bank

There had been a huge hype about the Florida Bank ATM robbery and the police have finally arrested the people who committed the crime. The officers have found out that the backhoe had been taken from a construction site situated at the corner of USA 27 and Lucerne Park road. It was actually driven to the bank through a field.atm-robbery-florida-bank

Winter Haven officers were swift to find out that the building that housed the ATM machine was totally destroyed. An alarm went off at 11:44 p.m. at the Center State Bank located on the Luceme Park Road in Winter Haven. The ATM and the housing structure were all gone when the Police arrived at the scene.


As a result, the truck was seized by the Police and when it was taken to the Police Station, the CenterState Bank manager Bob Santonastaso recognized the ATM to be belonging to CenterState. It was just a matter of time before a Polk County Sheriff deputy spotted a Ford F 250 near Hwy 27 and Dundee Road that looked to be suspicious.

Hernandez and Sanchez were interrogated by the Police and they stated they had been arranging some scrap metal, but did not recollect the items they kept in the truck bed. 2 men from Florida are being accused of trying their lengths to steal an ATM from a bank, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The damage that was inflicted on the ATM calculated to be about $50,000. The ATM cost the bank $50,000 and the machine carried $20,000 in it. According to the Police, Hernandez issued an arrest warrant for his arrest from Hendey County for violating probation. Both of the accused are being kept in the Polk County Jail. The probation had its roots in another Grand Theft Auto incident.

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