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Hands-on with Apple News app: The Flipboard app killer?

While Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has started to roll out iOS 9 beta to consumers on Thursday, users are trying out the two new features that makes it debut in the latest version. One is the split-screen multi-tasking mode feature and the Apple News app, which is said to be the killer of Flipboard app.apple-news-getting-started

The News app will be available for iPad and iPhone, but looks better on a tablet like the Flipboard app. The app is quite similar to Flipboard, Pulse or several other existing news apps. Users are increasingly seeking to receive personalized news on their devices, and a default app can fulfill its purpose in an attractive way. While opening the app for the first time, users are prompted to select news channels and publications you are interested in.

This will create a personalized profile with stories and newspapers based on your preference. Once the setup is completed, several sections open up in the app. The first is called “For You,” and functions in the same way as the feature in Apple Music. The focus of the app is to provide stories from publications, the user is  interested in, and the recommendations become better with usage.

The second section called “Favorites” includes the news publications that were chosen during the setup. It allows easy access to the publications anytime. However, the stories seen in the publication section depends on the publisher. For instance, Wired has worked with Apple on optimizing the landing pages in Apple News format, and have the landing pages set up in sections, similar to a website.

The “Explore” section allows the user to discover new publications. Users can explore a certain interest or publication by browsing though an area for similar types. The “Search” and “Save” tabs allows the user to look for specific publications, and save a page for offline reading. Apple has given importance to the look of articles in away that users will not be able to differentiate which articles were built into Apple News format.

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