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Apple Watch 2 details leaked; to come in 2 sizes and with large battery

Everyone is aware about Apple Watch 2 coming out, but hardly anyone knows about the changes that would be seen in the next release. Few say that the same display resolution, shape and size would be retained. The CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Tim Cook states that the Watch would be available in Apple Stores this year in April. It comes in 2 sizes, 42mm and 38mm and has a rectangular shape.apple-watch-clock-face

The pixel resolution of 38mm watch is 272×340 while that of 42mm one is 312×390. Both these watches have 326ppi.


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However, few of these watches don’t have a rectangular form. For instance, the Motorola Moto 360 has a circular shape just like ordinary watches. Rectangular shape would be preferred by many as it looks like the next-gen and futuristic watches. As per Naver, a Korean publication, no significant changes would be seen on Apple Watch 2 in terms of resolution, shape or size.

Glass screen of LG was used by Apple Watch, but now Naver stated that OLED glass screen for Apple Watch 2 would be produced by LG and Samsung together. It has been claimed by reports that the weight would remain the same. Battery usage is the main aim of this update and hence the display module would be made thinner for a larger battery.

For making calls and sending messages Apple Watch had to be linked with iPhone. However, this might be a standalone device, wherein no pairing with iPhone would be needed for making or receiving calls and texts.

On the other hand, Samsung Gear S allows insertion of a SIM card in it for getting 3G Data. Similar features might be seen in this Apple Watch too. It would be in stores soon and so, just wait and watch for its updates. More official details might be revealed soon.

This article has been originally published at Mobile Computing Today.

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