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New Yorkers can now board a flight to Cuba: A big change in over 50 years

JetBlue Airways Corp. (NASDAQ:JTBLU) has come up with a round trip service for the passengers from JFK airport to Cuba this Friday. This is actually the first airline that offers a weekly service from the city since the time John F Kennedy restricted the travel to the Caribbean island more than 50 years ago.jetblue-flight-cuba

The inaugural trip to Cuba was celebrated by the ground staff. They flew a big Cuban flag at the terminal Gate No. 21 of JetBlue. There was a loud cheer when passengers boarded the flight. There were many Cuban passengers on the flight who hadn’t been back to Cuba in over a decade. There were big smiles all around and the step by JetBlue is perceived as a wise one.

Lazaro Iglesias of Kearny, NJ was returning to Cuba for the first time since he immigrated to the US in the year 2002. She said, “I have butterflies in my stomach.”

The luggage trolley of the man was 5 feet high and it was loaded with clothes and electronics. He also carried a lot of presents for his family that cannot be bought in Havana.

The airline confirmed its weekly service from New York to Havana each Friday. It has eased the travel restrictions that evaded people to visit Cuba from the States.

The plane was composed of only 60 passengers though. JetBlue Airbus 320 has a capacity of 150 seats. The reason is simple; there are too many travel requirements to go to Cuba, which discourage people to do business, education, government or family visitation visits.

A 6 year old American Richard Ramos screamed, “I’m going to see Mommy’s home!” This was the first time that his mother has paid a visit to Cuba since the year 2007. His mother said, “I’m going to give my parents a big hug. I never thought I would see them again.”

Carlos Infante from Brooklyn was also excited about the trip and merrily announced that since the trip is legal, it makes him the happiest person in the world. Infante visited his family in Cuba for the first time without having to face restrictions regarding travel.

He said, “I’m making history.  Now I don’t have to hide or anything. My wife told me, ‘Honey, now you can go every six months. You can go whenever you want.’

The other people who boarded the flight had similar stories to their sleeve. It is a good move by the airline and it has definitely brought big smiles to people’s faces.

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