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MOGA to launch Ace Power, an iPhone gaming controller

iPhone to get the gaming controller from MOGA, which would work seamlessly with the smartphone with games deigned around the game controller framework.

MOGA to launch 'Ace Power' gaming controller for iPhones
MOGA to launch ‘Ace Power’ gaming controller for iPhones

Once again, @evleaks Twitter account of gadgets leak has leaked the photo of MOGA’s controller termed as MOGA Ace Power, which would also come with a 1800mAh battery for additional power backup for the device. Ace Power will be having the traditional D-pad on the left side and buttons on the right. The device also boasts dual thumbsticks on both sides of the controller. However, MOGA is not alone, Evan Nelson Blass also revealed the Logitech’s Powershell controller for iPhone.


When Apple revealed the iOS 7 mobile operating system, it also said that the new OS will support a new program called MFi (Made For iPhone), which will enable third-party manufacturers to build dedicated iPhone and iPad gaming controllers to turn their iDevices into the handheld gaming consoles such as Sony’s PS Vita and Nintendo 2DS.

Evan Blass also leaked a second photo of MOGA’s accessory, which shows the clear picture after removing the iPhone on the controller. Although Apple said about the MFi proam during the iOS 7 launch, it hasn’t announced officially yet but the back to back leaks suggests that the companies are eager to launch the devices soon, may be in this holidays season.



MOGA Ace Power can be used only with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and 5th generation iPod Touch.


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