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LinkedIn’s new intro e-mail service vulnerable by hackers

Early this week, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner launched the new ‘Intro’ functionality in their site in a move to make their networking service more effective and mobile friendly, but it could make the LinkedIn site vulnerable to hackers.




However the new feature will make the LinkedIn site vulnerable to hackers, as noted by two professional security analysts. “LinkedIn has put up a big advertising to cyber criminals, nation states and others ‘hack here, we’ve got loads of juicy data,‘ said James Lyne, Global head of security research for an anti-malware company Sophos in a blog post.

‘Intro’ feature uses Apple’s IOS e-mail service which would re-configure the e-mail and create a proxy through LinkedIn servers. This process would enable LinkedIn to integrate a banner with the application, thus LinkedIn servers becoming a middle-man between you and your e-mail provider.

From a privacy and security point of view, this introduces fresh opportunities for bad guys‘” said Carl Livitt, Senior security officer at Bishop Fox, a security consultancy. Lyne and Livitt are the two security experts who have strongly advised against Intro functionality.

LinkedIn’s corporate communications director, Julie Inouye said that the company has taken extensive security and privacy precautions. “We take the privacy and security of our members data very seriously and have taken a thoughtful approach to ensure we’ve put the right security precautions in place for LinkedIn Into product,” said Inouye in a statement to CyberTruth.

The details about LinkedIn’s new Intro feature  are posted in their blog.


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