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Cuba to get more WiFi hotspots

July, 2015 – Citizens of Cuba are going to get awarded with isle-wide network of WiFi hotspots spread across the its land, the nation’s state-run telecom company will soon open up internet access at 35 locations, the service is expected to run from the start of July, as reported by a local paper Juventud Rebelde.cuba-wifi-cultural-center

It’s going to be one big step, since after the kick-start of this service by the government, the cost of getting online will almost be cut-half, with an hour of connection hooked to $2 per hour. In addition to that, the users will ultimately enjoy the speed of the service, to 1 Mbps and will be restricted to 1MB per user. This will create some sort of hitch, as the growing popularity of Smartphone amongst youngsters, but the infrastructure proposed is capable of handling 50-100 users at a time.

Luis Manuel Diaz, Cuba’s director of telecommunications stated, it’s hardly a surprise, either, since the cost of a Netflix subscription, in the country is approximately one-third of the average monthly wage. The forename suggested for this network is WIFI_ETECSA, and can be accessed by all those who possess a Nauta account, irrespective of whether it’s temporary or permanent, using their mobile phones, PC’s or tablets that have WiFi capability.

WIFI_ETECSA connection will be used to navigate initially across 35 sites nationwide, which includes locations like -Havana: La Rampa, from Malecón to the Yara cinema; the park located on Avenida 51, La Lisa, Galiano and San Rafael; Marianao Amphitheater and the Paseo de la Villa Panamericana, Pinar del Río: Independence and Roberto Amarán parks, Holguin parks Calixto Garcia and Julio Grave de Peralta, Granma Bayamo and Manzanillo boulevards, Santiago de Cuba: Cespedes park, Ferreiro and Plaza de Marte, Guantánamo: Marti Park and Central Park Baracoa. Isla de la Juventud: Boulevard Nueva Gerona and many more.

Before bringing the ETECSA service into action, the foundation has to make some alignments with the email platforms Enet and Nauta, out of which, the later is facing a rapidly growth of more than 80,000 users. So on June 23rd, a time slot has been engaged from six in the morning to one in the afternoon, for making technical access to these mails.

In case of any difficulty with the email services after June 23rd, enet.cu users can call the helpline 080043434, which is for data service assistance and users can call 118 helpline nauta.cu for commercial information. Due to the migration of email platforms for data centers, Nauta Enet access ETECSA commercial network will be restricted on June 22 and 23.

Luis Manuel Díaz Naranjo, communication director at Etecsa, further added, this service is not a new one, but it will pave a path for other service being used by public room navigation, Etecsa and the Youth Club of Computing and Electronics. For logging into the Nauta account, you just need to fill in the username and password access account for Nauta (temporary or permanent), and in case of the latter one it is mandatory to write the @domain access account.

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