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Pinterest signs up deal with Getty images to close copyright hole

Pinterest would receive Metadata from Getty and in turn Pinterest will pay Getty a fee. Both the companies announced that the Metadata would be added in the coming months.

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Just a few days back Pinterest had raised $225 million and has already made made a move that would allow the company develop its platform and the data that supports it. Also a copyright issue was also closed with Getty images, the image agency which has over 80 million pictures and illustrations and more than 50,000 hours of video footage, all of them which are copyrighted.

However the companies have not disclosed the financial terms of the deal, with Pinterest paying fees for image Metadata for the first time. With the introduction of  the new article pins Pinterest has been receiving more data in exchange for providing traffic to Flickr. The deal which was finalized last year for adding a Pin-it button to the Flickr site and in turn Pinterest would provide Flickr backlinks in its posted images.

“As a part of our agreement, we’ll pay Getty Images a fee for the data they share and will help make sure that their images get proper attribution,” said Pinterest. “We’re just getting started with Getty Images but we are excited about the possibilities of what their data can help us deliver.”

Pinterest would find the Metadata useful as it will provide detailed information to users about  the photographers name and details of the picture. Picscout, an image-recognition technology will identify Getty Images in Pinterest and the images would be connected with Getty’s Metadata with its ConnectAPI.

Getty Images house content will first use this service followed by iStock content and the complete collection of Getty.


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