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E3 2015 event will be the most diverse event in its history

This year’s E3 will not be anything close to what we have witnessed in the past. Although, there are a galore of games and sequels lined up, but the experts believe that Virtual reality will attract a lot more attention that it has been in the past. The reports suggest that Virtual Reality has been on a high over the past few months and this year’s E3 at Los Angeles will see an all new devotion from the people.e3-2015-logo

In fact, it will be quite interesting to see the response individuals pour over the innumerable video games that are lined up to be launched with their respective gaming consoles. According to the statement from Mr. Michael Gallagher, President of Electronic Software Association, this year’s E3 will more than 270 companies exhibiting more than 1600 different kinds of products for the consumers. He also added that this year’s E3 will be an extremely diverse expo considering the history of the event. There will also be a surprise element as more that 100 products have not yet been advertised to the people.

The analysts believe that with the kind of affection that is being shown towards Virtual Reality, there will be a stiff competition between the virtual realm of gaming entertainment and reality. The face-off between gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox and VR devices like Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, is expected to take E3 2015 to a completely new level all together. Here, one must not forget the internal rivalries as well.

This year’s E3 will also see the launch of a few latest editions of the long running game series like Halo, Tomb Raider, etc.. E3 2015 will also see the launch of a few games that had been lying dormant for a few years now like Doom, Fallout, Guitar Hero, etc..

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