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Apple Inc. reportedly killed Beats’ Sonos-like WiFi speakers

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Beats had not had the kind of relationship that the world would have wished for. The reports suggest that since the acquisition of Beats by Apple Inc., a lot of projects from the past have been scrapped off by Apple.916365016-Apple_6

The most talked after project that had been scrapped off was the WiFi connected speaker, which would turn up the music that you want directly from any source. The experts believe that if Apple would have gone through with the speaker, it could have well turned out to be a competition for Sonos or Google’s Cast.


Reports also suggest that Beats also had plans to bring in smaller speakers supported by WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, which would allow any individual to turn around the music in his house at one click.

Now, the main question is what happened? We have seen that Apple has taken into Beats Music streaming service and coupled it with its own Apple Music Streaming service, which is certainly expected to offer better features that most of the other music streaming services. But then, what is the issue with the Beats projects involving hardware?

Now the question is that with no upcoming speakers from Beats and Apple having offered the compensation for Beat’s Pill XL speaker, the analysts believe that a speaker from Beats is a distant thought now. But, with the arrival of Apple Music, Apple will certainly need a medium to play it other than AirPlay via WiFi.

On the other hand, some individuals suggest that it is never an intelligent thing to assume things with Apple. It might as well turn out that Apple Inc. is looking forward to produce its own hardware. Well, that assumption again, but we will have to wait and see how things turn out.

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