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Twitter abolishes 140 character limit, only for direct messages

Twitter, the micro-blogging site is all set to take direct conversation among its users to a completely new level. The micro-blogging site made an official announcement on its developer’s blog that they are allowing their users to express themselves with much more freedom via direct messages. For all those, who use twitter, the term world limit is nothing new as Twitter has a word limit on literally event thing that you post.Twitter abolishes word limit in direct messages

Till date, twitter has been basically the platform that allows its users to share information and updates with their followers in a short and simple way. This is always been the core service of Twitter. The service that allowed you to send direct messages to any specific individuals was brought in much later, just to add a variety to social life on Twitter.

The experts believe that the recent abolition of word limit with direct messages is a step taken to counter the effects that social messaging applications like WhatsApp and social networking sites like Facebook Inc. have had on Twitter.

It is believed that the abolition of the word limit is another step taken by Twitter in trying to match up with the other major players in the online socializing arena. In the recent past, Twitter initiated features like direct messages among a group of people just like the group chat feature available with WhatsApp and Facebook.

Well, some individuals have not liked this step from Twitter as they believe that the word limit is a distinctive feature of Twitter and it is what makes them better than others in certain aspects. The precise aim to keep messages short and protect the quality of information will not be served anymore without the word limit in direct messages.

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