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A man slammed $120 ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

How many individuals have been fined for owning an Apple Watch? Well, here is the unlucky fellow, who was fined a ticket of $120 for using his Apple Watch while driving.A man slammed $120 ticket for using Apple Watch while driving

According to the reports, Jeffery Macesin was handed the ticket on Monday because he was changing the music in his car with his Apple Watch. This is not the first time when something like this has happened. In the past, a lady was fined in San Diego by the California Highway Patrol as she was wearing a Google Glass while driving.


According to the statement given by Mr. Jeffrey Macesin, he had the iPhone in his bag and it was connected to the music system with an auxiliary cable. All he did was control the music playing in his car with the Apple Watch he was wearing. He also mentioned that all this while his one hand was holding the steering wheel firmly, which as per his information is required while driving according to the rules. Now, the question arises that why was he given the ticket when he was following the rules.

According to cop’s report, Mr. Jeffrey Macesin was served a ticket of $120 under section 439.1 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code. According to the section, no man can use a hand geld device with a calling feature while he is driving a road vehicle. There is no doubt that the cop did the right thing by following the law. But this instance has led to an interesting question. The question is How to differentiate?

It is undoubted that a mobile phone and a wearable cannot be compared. The similarities are only in their functions, but not in the way that they are used. And in case, the wearable fall in the same category, then the users will be loosing a major advantage that comes from a wearable gadget.

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