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Microsoft Windows 10 update: Edge browser comes with Dolby Digital Plus support

Microsoft Edge, by default comes with an ability to play internet videos in full screen, rather than showing any additional information and also with an option to pin the pages in Favorites, Reading Lists and so on.dolby-digital-plus-surround-sound

One of the lifesaver feature of Project Spartan aka Microsoft Edge, is a simple one, but an effective warning alert, when a user is trying to close a browser window that  has several tabs already opened on it. This feature is already present on Firefox and soon, the same will be implemented on the Microsoft Edge too. Currently, the browser is getting closed similar to the previous build, when we are trying to close the browser with multiple tabs.

One of the Edge team members mentioned in a tweet as,

Please @msedgedev give an option to warn about closing multiple tabs in Microsoft Edge browser. TYVM! #Windows10

And one more interesting fact about Microsoft Edge is that, the product comes with a full support for Dolby Audio. Microsoft has mentioned in its official blog that, Microsoft Edge will allow websites to match the visuals of high quality H.264 video with its appropriate equal multi-channel audios.

Microsoft Edge Team, in its official blog posted as,

Dolby has created a Dolby Audio Experience demo using WebGL to provide an interactive environment where users can explore and play content on a variety of media devices (a media PC, desktop, laptop and tablet).   Each device demonstrates Dolby Audio with a different streaming video, either MPEG DASH H.264 or HLS.  The demo currently requires Microsoft Edge, since it is the first browser to include native support for Dolby Audio.

Along with Dolby Digital Plus support in Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge Browser is the first browser to come with built-in support for surround sound codec and also for Dolby Digital Plus Portable. Dolby Digital Plus Portable allows the users to enjoy much clearer audio with laptop speakers or even via headphones. The users need not to set up stereo connected with PC or tablet. Meanwhile, it will provide richer audio quality and surround sound streaming with the help of media extensions.

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