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New study suggests that Dinosaurs were warm blooded animals

There have been a lot of theories regarding dinosaurs. There have been theories about how they came to existence on the planet Earth. How did such magnanimous breed of predators vanish in a span of a few years? In fact, some of the more interesting theories are regarding whether the predators were warm blooded animals or cold blooded ones.150528140937_1_900x600

The question is to a certain extent quite an obvious one because the dinosaurs lived all across the united land mass back then. This has led to many individuals trying to find out the something exact about the Dinosaurs and the kind of blood that run through their veins.

According to a recent study in the year 2014 by a team of scientists of the University of New Mexico, the dinosaurs were neither completely warm blooded animals nor completely cold blooded animals. In fact, the team believes that they were something in between. Dr. John Grady, who was the leader of the team of the scientists suggested that the metabolism of a non-avian dinosaur is neither that of a warm blooded animal nor of a cold blooded animal, but they might resemble an intermediate state termed as mesothermic.

The studies have also drawn them to a conclusion, which states that Dinosaurs were more like mammals with respect to growth and metabolism and less reptiles.

The study was done from two different aspects. The first one dealt with the growth ration while the second study was based on the link that the dinosaurs have with birds. The general belief among a class of scientists is that birds are descendants of the Mesozoic dinosaurs.

Now, we all know that birds are warm blooded animals and if in case, Dinosaurs are predecessors to birds, then there is a good link pointing towards dinosaurs being warm blooded as well.

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