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Meet Aria, the first gesture recognition system to make a smartwatch touch-free

More often or not, when we are talking about cutting edge technologies, the general tendency of a human being is to think that we are talking about something magnanimous. But frankly speaking, the technology that seriously drives people crazy is the one that we have in Aria.518841753_17_embedStandard_1432578676350

Aria is a motion based device that can be extensively used to interact with your Android Wear or the upcoming Pebble Time Smartwatch. Although, gesture recognition is not something that we do not know about, but gesture recognition without even coming anywhere close to touching the devices is pretty interesting.


According to the news that we have on our hands, Aria uses a tendon tracking technology that will actually allow you to interact with your wearable without even touching it or speaking to it. In fact, the whole interaction will be based on light movements of your fingers and the wrist. The basic idea behind Aria is very simple.

The device will track the motions of your wrist and fingers and translate it to the wearable on you. Each and every gesture that you make can be associated with the actions that it will perform on the wearable, making interaction extremely easy.

The good news is that Aria will be working on the Bluetooth, thus allowing it to be compatible with most of the Android wears. The reports have it that Aria might cost approximately about $170 to be used with any Android wear, while with the upcoming Pebble Time Smartwatch, it will cost you only $70. The makers believe that Aria has huge prospects as it will easily draw attention towards itself from the masses owing to the innumerable interesting things that it can do.

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