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Large Hadron Collider breaks record as it is up and running after 2 years

The Large Hadron Collider is certainly one of the wonders of science that we have on our hands. The LHC was shut down two years ago owing to various repairmen tasks and some upgrades. A lot of individuals thought that it was the game for the LHC, but they were wrong.ATLAS_inner_detector

The Large Hadron Colllider is up and running after a period of two long years. According to the reports, the LHC has already had its first experiment after the long two year lay off and has produced massive amounts of energy like never before.


The reports suggest that the protons inside the LHC have radiated enormous amounts of energy on collision. The amount of energy radiated is about 12 trillion electron volts and is way beyond what we have had in the past. The researchers have stated that they were expecting better results due to the upgrades that the LHC has had, but nothing like this was expected.

As it happens, the researchers have also identified the decay process that occurs while the particles smash into one another, referred to as Bs particles. What is extremely unique about the Bs particles is that they are made of a quark and an anti quark. The phenomenon is also extremely rare as it occurs only 4 times out of a billion.

The researchers at the Large Hadron Collider are extremely pleased with the results on hand. Having witnessed one of the most rarest phenomena of quantum science. To be true, the researchers at the LHC are hoping for much improved results. The belief is that once the magnets are placed at perfectly optimal positions, the LHC can open many new gates of Physics.

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