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Volvo announces XC90 T6 and XC90 T8 twin-engine SUVs

Volvo (NASDAQ:VOLVY) has announced two versions of 2016 XC90 SUVs, in a bid to revamp the existing 2002 XC90 SUV which was a bestseller. The automaker has reportedly invested about $11 billion  to re-model its cars, and release new car models.volvo-xc90-t8-engine-suv

Volvo XC90 was known as one the best luxury cars with a unique design. The car is now available in three versions, and Volvo has promised to bring more improvements and developments in the future. The 2002 XC90 model has reportedly sold a million units in Europe. The latest model will be manufactured in Sweden, and it will feature a ‘North American style.’


“It is very important that it suits the American market in a big way,” said Lars Lagstrom, senior product manager of XC90.

XC90 T6 and XC90 T 8 twin-engine SUV versions will be available in the USA while the diesel version of the model will be released in Europe. The seven-seater luxury car known as the world’s first plug-in hybrid, will be manufactured on Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) platform. New upgrades include a two-liter 4 cylinder, and the engine with fitted with a super-charger and turbo-charger.

Volvo has utilized aluminium for the interiors, to cut down the weight of the SUV. The older version was known to be heavy, and the new twin-engine will provide the output needed for customers. Volvo has replaced the V6 and V8 options with an I4 or inline four-cylinder. The supercharged motors will provide an output of 316-horsepower.


The prices of the momentum trim starts from $48,900, while the R-design and Inscription trim will start from $52,900 and $54,500 respectively. Volvo promises that their SUV is well-appointed, without a compromise, forward-looking direction for the brand as it combines “Volvo’s new design language.” The company expects that the luxury car will move well in North America, despite its premium price tag.

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