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Anti-GMO protest against Monsanto takes place in 428 cities

The 3rd annual “March Against Monsanto” was held in 428 cities, 48 countries and 6 continents for the fight against genetically modified organisms (GMO). The protesters claim that GMOs do harm to the environment, people and supplies.Activists protest against the production of herbicides and GMO food products outside Monsanto headquarters in Creve Coeur

Monsanto (NYSE:MON) is the prime target of the protest as they are the largest producers of GMO products. However, Monsanto and its supporters claim that its products will be able to feed a large number of people only if they use GMOs instead of normal seeds and normal methods to keep weeds away from crops. The protesters do not seem to care about their claim, and they provide evidence of the massive harm it is causing to the people.


“The World Health Organization, has already determined Monsanto’s roundup to be a ‘possible carcinogen’ within the food supply,” said the announcement about protests.

However, Monsanto has the financial strength to defend the accusations and promote its products. In its recent quarter, the company reported a net revenue of $5.2 billion and an income of $1.4 billion. Monsanto formed a case against the protesters, and released a 2014 sustainability report. The report mentioned that it made a balanced meal accessible to all and other claims. Several doctors, experts and researchers also spoke about the ill effects of GMOs on May 23.

Protesters claim that using GMOs can lead to health conditions like development of cancer tumors, birth defects and infertility in humans. Monsanto stresses that its products are safe despite the concerns. The company’s stock rose by 136 percent in the last five years, and fared much better than S&P 500. According to Wall Street, the protests does not seem to affect the shares. Even though the ‘March Against Monsanto’ is held for the right reasons, Monsanto seems to have gained support due to its sustainability report.

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