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Virtual Reality could be the reality of your living rooms soon

Virtual Reality Technology is considerably new amidst the cutting edge technology of the world and is taking some really rapid steps along the ladder. Just imagine a situation when anybody in the world could just strap up a Virtual Reality headset and enter a world where things are not real. This just felt like an impossible feat, until the advancements made by a few companies notably. In fact, the present situation is such that we can easily state that Virtual Reality will soon be a reality itself.Virtual Reality could well be the reality of your living rooms soon

The acquisition of Oculus by Facebook Inc. for $2 billion last year, seems to be a huge advancement in the sector currently. All this because the Oculus is all set to start the shipping of its Rift headset for the public sometime soon in the year 2016. As it seems to quite a few people, this will kick start an era of Virtual Reality.

According to the reports, more that 2.5 million Virtual Reality headsets are expected to be sold all across the globe specifically for the purpose of developing content and applications for it. Once, the software developers have eased out a few applications of the Virtual Reality headset, there is expected to be a gradual rise in the sales figure as well.

The projections state that by the year 2018, more that 39 million Virtual Reality headsets will be sold generating a revenue of approximately $4.6 billion. The projected figures could well vary a little bit as Sony Corporation and HTC Corporation are also gearing up to launch their Virtual Reality headsets by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

The experts believe that this is certainly the time to make the investments as the sector of Virtual Reality shows some real promise.

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