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German EO Smart Connecting Car 2 can change shape and drive sideways

A smart car allows you to drive sideways too, with the shape shifting tiny EO Smart Connecting Car 2, one can easily drive his/her car in the sideways during rush hours or during parking the car.eo-smart-connecting-car-2-germany

A German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has designed a car named as EO 2, especially for the crowded cities where traffic during rush hours is a bad nightmare. Even though, EO 2 is a prototype, it exactly shows how the innovation can turn into a real smart one. The prototype painted in white and comes with large windows and butterfly doors, all EO2 will look the same in future too.

All the four wheels of EO 2 can even rotate 90 degrees, and makes the wheel perpendicular to the body. The same allows the vehicle not only to drive sideways, but also makes the vehicles to spin in a perfect circle. The driver can easily park the car parallel by turning the wheel to 90 degrees.  In the meanwhile, the car can compress its body by sliding its panel up and slides over similar to armadillo move; this allows the drivers to park the car if there is a very small place to park the car.

The body approximately shrinks from 8.2 ft. to 4.9 ft. by shrinking the body and keeps all wheels on the ground. The cars are mainly designed to connect one with another, and it will create a train of cars. After connecting the car, the driver can take off his hand from the wheel and the car goes into the automatic mode.

One of the major problem arises in the vehicle is the charging cable, in order to rectify this issue; a docking interface was included in the car for connecting extensions to the car. Hope this will reduce the traffic on the highways during rush hours.

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