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8000 small earthquakes in 24 hours, 300 miles off the coast of Oregon

The scientists believe that the time is not good for the underwater environment around the coast of Oregon. According to the news that has come through, scientists state that they have been observing unsettled sea bed around the coast of Oregon. The reports suggest that there has been disturbing volcanic activity around the region with lava flowing out from a point 300 miles off the coast for the past few weeks. Presently, the spewing of the lava is not of great concern as it is not of magnanimous proportions.underwater-volcano-eruption-oregon

The volcano that is spewing out the lave presently is an unnamed one, has been code named the ‘Axial Seamount’ by the geologists. This is not the first time that the volcano, which is at 4900 feet under the sea level, has erupted. It happened 1998 as well as in 2011. In fact, the current eruptions are in line with the predictions made by a few geologists sometime back. Interestingly, a different kind of technology was used by the researchers while making the survey leading to the predictions.

The researchers have been using a cable for the purpose of monitoring the region. According to the researchers, the cable has allowed them to record approximately 8000 small earthquakes in a time period of 24 hours on April 23rd. Not long after the incident, the Axial Seamount started spewing hot magma. The situation is such that there has been a considerable amount of fall on the sea ground owing to the small earthquakes.

The good thing is that no large repercussions are expected, owing to the earthquakes. Although, initially there was an inherent fear of Tsunami, but the scientists have completely negated its chances. Some of the oceanologists are weary of the effect that the hot magma can have on the aquatic life in the region.

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