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New Nvidia G-sync technology to fix various issues

A new technology G-sync launched by Nvidia claims to fix various issues like screen tearing, stutter and increase performance by reducing lag in PC games. The technology would be rolled to Asus, Benq, Philips and Viewsonic the main players in gaming monitors.



G-sync has included a technology where the scaler is modified which provides direct access to the GPU allowing it to control refresh rate and adjusting the frame rate to the game which is being played. Nvidia promises to completely remove judder the lag issues while using V-Sync. The screen tearing issue while disabling V-Sync would also be removed.

The technology would be made available to Nvidia series starting from GTX 660 graphic cards and would require a suitable gaming monitor.

“It is essentially impossible to design a game for fixed frame rate today,” as AAA games utilizes different frame rate, said Johan Anderson, DICE rendering architect during the announcement. After the G-Sync technology is utilized developers would not have to face problems while targeting a baseline performance of  60 frames per second. At any frame rate the game would be able to run smoothly.

The price and release date of the technology was not yet revealed by Nvidia.

Via: Gamespot

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