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Maclocks’ MacBook Blade, a physical lock that could save your Apple laptop

Maclocks, who previously introduced the world’s first iPad lock and the world’s first Mac Pro lock, is beating all the others to the punch with the essential physical lock for the New MacBook introduced last month. Just 12 hours after Apple introduced their new MacBook, the thinnest and lightest possible design from Apple, Maclocks had already rolled out The MacBook Blade.MBL6

This revolutionary MacBook lock is an ultra-strong retractable locking slot which provides the highest security solution for any MacBook.

The Blade has a minimalistic profile and sleek styling similar to that of the new MacBook. It is essentially hidden from plain site and complements the device in use. Though simple in design, it is extremely tough and durable with the ability to hold up to 150lbs of weight! The industrial adhesive bracket attaches to nearly any gadget and incorporates a lock slot to the tip of the retractable blade. While other companies cater their lock designs to specific devices, The Blade is the simplest and sleekest lock on the market.

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Maclocks anticipated Apple updating the rest of its MacBook range with upgrades for its Air and Pro lineups, which explains the importance of creating this Apple computer security solution in such a universal design. It is the world’s first truly universal laptop lock, which also secures all iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

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“This new update to the MacBook is something we have been anxiously waiting for. We are thrilled to once again, be the first to offer a radically innovative lock so people do not have to compromise on the security of their Mac (MacBook)” says Assaf Katan, Maclocks CEO.

The Blade MacBook Lock is available now on Maclocks.com. There are similar products out there on many online stores across the globe, but the physical lock from this company keeps it simple and slim.

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  1. Recently my mom bought me a MacBook for college that was really expensive so I am hesitating to buy a new one because mine got pretty slow. Eventually we found a site (www.macbooktips.info) and it's working perfectly again, but I'm trying to figure out if this problem is something that I caused or if Apple computers are just really expensive pieces of technology that will stop working well… kind of like my PC did. Any advice?

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