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Huge Magma under Yellowstone Supervolcano discovered by scientists

A massive reservoir containing hot molten rock has been discovered under the Yellowstone Supervolcano in the US. The reservoir is found 20-45kms beneath the supervolcano. It is important to note that the size of the reservoir is 4.4 times to that of the magma chamber.magma-yellowstonescience,

A massive amount of magma is found in the reservoir and according to the experts, it can fill up two times the size of Grand Canyon. The seismic imaging of Yellowstone’s volcanic plumbing system was used by scientists in order to find the reservoir.


The difference between a plumbing system and a medical CT scan is minor. CT scan uses X Rays while on the other hand, plumbing system uses earthquake waves to determine the rocks with different densities.

A postdoctoral researcher of the University of Utah, Hsin-Hua Huang recalled that this was the very first time when they have imaged continuous volcanic plumbing system under Yellowstone.

According to Huang, “That includes the upper crustal magma chamber we have seen previously plus a lower crustal magma reservoir that has never been imaged before and that connects the upper chamber to the Yellowstone hotspot plume below.”

The researchers have come to a conclusion that the upper magma changer possesses nine percent of molten rock by average and it is very close to the earlier findings of five to fifteen percent of molten rock.

Fan-Chi Lin, the assistant professor at the University of Utah and coauthor of the study stated that no links have been proved between the supervolcano eruption in the US national park and the recent findings.

The supervolcano eruption is considered to be the largest supervolcano in the world. It often experiences earthquakes and the geothermal system in it is also vigorous. The supervolcano eruption has taken over most of North America in ash. Three eruptions were noticed in the supervolcano.

The gases that are present in the upper magma chamber are responsible for the Yellowstone’s soil and geothermal’s emission of carbon dioxide.

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