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Microsoft Brings Large screen phablet support in Windows Phone 8 Update 3

Microsoft unveiled the 3rd major update for Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system, aiming at supporting the easy use of software on larger 6-inch phones – next-gen phablets.

Microsoft brings large screen support in Windows Phone 8 Update 3
Microsoft brings large screen support in Windows Phone 8 Update 3

Rolled out soon in few months (starting from next week), the WP8 Update 3 will feature a bigger start screen with re sizable tiles to support 5 to 6 inches screens on phablets in 1080p resolution and another major feature would be the support to immensely popular Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor – might be used in upcoming Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone. Redmond has stated in the blog post that their mobile operating system is already optimized for devices upto 5-inches and if the people want a 6-inches and above devices, then better to get a Windows 8 tablet, aiming at Surface 2 and Pro 2.


It’s not a surprise, Microsoft it moving towards the large screen smartphone supports as rival devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra are becoming the popular attraction to consumers. Apart from the big screen support, Microsoft introduced a driver mode feature in WP8 Update 3, which displays some limited information on the start screen to avoid distractions, where caller alerts and other driving mode features can be configured. Improved Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, customizable ringtones for calls and notifications for apps, better management of storage space, screen-oriented lock button and a new screen reader for visually impaired users are other few tweaks introduced in the software update.

Regarding the release date, Darren Laybourn, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone said:

The rollout initially kicks off in the coming weeks and will continue over several months. Specific timing depends on a number of factors including your carrier and phone model.

Microsoft also planned to avoid the borking of WP8 apps after new software update by bringing a new program termed as Windows Phone Preview fr Developers, where the Windows Phone App Studio users or Registered Windows Phone Store developers can get the preview copies of the updates. Once the preview copy of updated OS is installed on their unlocked devices, devepers won’t be remove the software until the final upgrade is released publicly. For more information on the Developers program, visit this page of Microsoft Windows Phone.

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