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Here’s why smartphones win over tablets

We’ve seen the tablets grow and flourish for quite sometime in the past. But, recently there has been a drop in the sales of these tablets and research shows that this drop is going to continue. The biggest problem that the tablet market is facing is the uprise of a smartphone. The predecessor of the tablet, smartphones have now started doing almost all the jobs that the tablet does and in some cases in a better way.smartphone-vs-tablets

Here are some of the reasons why smartphones are better than tablets:


1. Optimum Screen Size

There was a time when the smartphones had 3.5 inch screens and tablets came with a 10inch screen. Thus, it was difficult to read documents on a smartphone and hence tablets were very popular. But with the increased screen size of the smartphone to up to 6 inches has made it pretty easy to read documents on them too. Along with that, it is far more convenient to carry a 6 inch object than a 10 inch one. As a small increase in the diagonal length nearly doubles the total display area, hence the new generation smartphones is quickly taking over the reading responsibilities of the tablets.

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2. Cost Effective

When it comes to cost, tablets are way too expensive when compared to smartphones. Another main reason why the tablets are lagging behind. Smartphones offer all the facilities and more than the tablets, are more portable yet they cost less than the tablet. What would be a better choice? Obviously the smartphone.

3. Better Battery

The smartphone has way better battery life as compared to the tablets. If you take a look at the technical aspects, it’s quite obvious that more battery will be needed to power the large screen of the tablets as compared to the smartphone counterpart. While a 10 inch tablet will be sustained by the battery for only 10 hours, a 6 inch smartphone will be on for nearly double the time. So why should a person buy a tablet and not a smartphone? Hence the downfall in the tablet sale.

4. Calling

Most tablets that are present in the market do not offer voice calling features. Even if they do, it is really cumbersome to talk on such a huge object. So you simply have to carry a phone along with your tablet. But the smartphone offers all the features of the tablets and is super convenient for calling to. So it’s a win win situation for smartphones over tablets.

5. App Facilities

There was a time when tablets were a new thing and offered a never before experience. So the app developers tried to create a special set of apps exclusively for the tablets. But in the current market situation, where the number of smartphone users has nearly doubled the number of tablet users, developers are keener on developing smartphone apps and then the companies merely upgrade them to fit the large screen size of the tablets. So, special apps for tablets? Not so much.

6. Camera

When it comes to camera, the smartphone again triumphs over the tablets. Where the average smartphones offer a minimum of 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera, the tablets have a mere 5 megapixel rear and around 2 megapixel front camera.  Even if we discard the mega pixel issue as a smartphone marketing hype, still, it’s a lot easier to click pictures with the small smartphones rather than the big tablets.

7. Worst of Both Worlds

In a perfect tech world, every device would have an optimally designed site. But in reality it is not the case. Each website is basically created in two sizes, one for the desktop screen, and the other fit for the mobile or smartphone screen. When you are viewing a particular page on a tablet, it is either the crunched down desktop version or the blown up mobile version. Again a fail for the tablets.

Although the line of discrimination between the tablets and the smartphones is slowly fading away, still the smartphones are a way better choice than the tablets on any day. If you have any other points then let us know by commenting.

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