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Official UK Online Store launched by Nintendo

The official online store of Nintendo is now live and is open for taking orders. The store is directly connected to the company and excellent customer service is guaranteed by the company.

Nintendo opened an online store in UK for direct sales from the company

Complete range of current Nintendo games would be available in their store with limited editions which would be found exclusively on their site. Complete range of Gaming and entertainment consoles,accessories and software of Nintendo can be ordered from their store with free delivery on any product.


‘Nobody cares more about your satisfaction than us and we’ll do everything we can ensure your shopping experience is a pleasant and reliable one,” mentioned in About page of UK store. The option of free delivery is sure to attract customers as it is offered on any product and for orders above £200 customers would receive their product delivered before 8pm, next day.

Fans are exited about Nintendo’s online store as gaming consoles such as Wii U and exclusive & limited edition items can be bought directly. The limited edition products include Nintendo 3DS Pokemon consoles, an Animal Crossing: New Leaf Console, Wind Waker Wii Bundle and Moon Waker Wii Bundle. “Who is it for”? and “Shop by price” categories are also included in their site for enhanced user experience. However, the new Nintendo 2DS is also out now for £109.99, which has similar functions of 3DS, except the namesake 3D view.

Every console would receive 12 month extended warranty as promised by Nintendo. The concept of extended warranty is sure to attract customers to their UK online store.

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