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Sunflex UNU Media Bundle (android tablet, smart tv) and gaming console announced for $250

Sunflex announced a new Android 3-in-1 device in the crowded market – Unu, which can be used as a gaming console, media box and tablet.

Unu, an android tablet, games console and smart tv is launching november for $250
Unu, an android tablet, games console and smart TV is launching November for $250

This is not $99 price tagged OUYA, but little bit of more as a 7-inch tablet, a media center (entertainment box) with remote control and as a gaming console with the addition of a controller to the device. The tablet can be connected to a docking station to TV and can be used with the remote controller to play your favorite music, videos and photos.


This gadget was announced earlier at E3 event this year and officially planned to start shipping in summer but now after overcoming some delay issues, the company has promised to start shipping i November 2013.

Regarding the specifications part – the 7-inch UNU tablet boasts a 1280 x 800 display, quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 8GB internal storage and the device also supports up to 64GB expandable storage via microSD card slot.

Most of the Android game titles in Google Play stores can be played with this device, however, many games won’t support the bundled gaming controller. We suggest a separate market for UNU supported games by the company itself, which can make difference and that is not an easy task!

Regarding the price of Unu tablet, the tag seems to be pricey, but it provides a complete Media Bundle with tablet, docking station and remote controller for $200 and $50 extra for the gaming controller to use it as a console. Although this device won’t act as a perfect gaming console and perfect smart TV, the UNU tablet can be use as a first-time device for the beginners. Nintendo’s Wii U, Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony PS4, Valve’s Steam machines, OUYA and GameStick android console – all are making this era as a gaming era – What is your view on this?

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