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Twitter removes ‘Discover’ for trending topics, updates mobile app

Nowadays, Twitter’s trending topics can make you to understand anything with the help of its new description options for each and everything that appears in your tweets sections. Whatever it may be, Whether it is a hashtag or a trending section, now Twitter allows its users to view a short description of it, whenever a user clicks over it. Obviously, when a user view the trending section of the Twitter, they would have no idea of what is exactly happening in the world.twitter-trends-mobile

For instance, #NYFW refers New York Fashion Week, we might have no idea regarding that. For this, Twitter is replacing its Discover tab with an excellent Trends section that provides a short description of each trending topic. Currently, this feature is available for only U.S. users in the English locale, and this feature is being tested in web in U.S. Soon, this feature will be implemented in various countries with better descriptions of the Trending Topics.


It works in a particular way, that allows the users to obtain various information about the Trending Topics. Suppose, if they were seeing #Phantom3 in the Trending, when they click over it, they can able to see “The World’s Largest Drone Company Unveils Newest Product DJI Phantom 3″. By implementing this feature, Twitter has planned to stop its Discovery feature, which is started in the year of 2011.

After acquisition of Summify, Twitter came up with the new idea of describing Trending topics and still, this feature is on experimentation and will come to live, once it succeeded. Not only this, Twitter has also planned to bring down several features for its users, this year. On the target reach of its products, Twitter tries to increase more real-time features for its users too. Soon, we can expect more features from the Twitter official blog.

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