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Open-source Microsoft Windows coming soon

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) hinted that open-source Windows might soon become a reality, where developers will be able to make changes to the OS. The company is already taking significant steps to develop a new open-source Microsoft in the future.microsoft-windows-10

Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich predicted that the future could include an open-source Microsoft. At the ChefCon Conference this week, Russinovich stated that it is definitely possible. He added that every conversation open versus not-open services have happened. The announcement came at the time of Microsoft’s 40th anniversary on Saturday.


This shows the spirit of cooperation and collaboration by the increasing pressure on the PC business model. However, Microsoft might not take the risk of completely revealing the code to developers which will enable them to create various versions of Windows. The tech giant is likely to turn certain components within the OS open-source like the ‘legacy’ Internet Explorer.

Open-source also means that the OS will be free, so it is unlikely that Microsoft will give up  it $4 billion revenue. Windows, Windows phone and Office licenses for a major part of the revenue. Microsoft has  decided to provide OEM’s, a free copy of Windows for devices with displays under eight inches. Microsoft allows users to send ideas in its sites like Xbox Suggestion Box, OneDrive Suggestion Box and Windows 10 suggestion box. This enables consumers to provide feedback and request additional feature for Windows services.

In fact, the company is delivering user requests and the monthly updates to Xbox One highlights user’s suggestions. Microsoft delivered a Persian calendar to Windows 10, after user requests. However, Microsoft remains hesitant to deliver a popular request, backward compatibility for Xbox 360. As the company is gradually moving towards “devices and services,” Windows is expected to lose popularity. Vice-President Al Gillen predicts than Windows might go open-source in 10 years.

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