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Major tech Giants on the line of fire as European Union all set to investigate

With the rise of the American tech giants, the European Union is getting worried. The major American tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc., now have been among the top companies of the world for quite some time now, undermining the superiority of the European tech industry. The fact that the European Union is seriously worried about the dominance of the big tech giants of the United State of America is to a certain extent an indirect proof to the issues that they have in their own backyard. Instead of resolving their own issues, the European Union has decided to target the major companies: Apple Inc, Facebook and Google.european-union

It is undoubted that life under the scrutiny of the European Union will not be easy for the major tech giants of the United States. According to the reports, the EU is all set to launch an antitrust investigation against Apple’s new online music streaming service. The main motto behind the investigation is to find out whether Apple is taking any alternative routes to undermine the competition from its competitors. The company has been accused of evading taxes and bills in Europe via its branch in Ireland. Apple Inc. has not made any comment in this regard.


The situation is all the same for Facebook as well. The European Union has been trying to sneak into the no. 1 ranked social networking site, Facebook by finding out something unruly in their Privacy Policy. Facebook on the other hand has clearly stated that they strictly follow the European Privacy laws. Facebook has more that 300 million users in Europe.

The situation is same with Google. The search engine giant has been accused of promoting its own content instead of generating fair search results. Google certainly has a tougher time ahead, as the EU is preparing another investigation at the company.

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