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Pinterest adds a new save button for all browsers ‘Pin It’

For a person, who surfs the internet on a regular basis, saving things from the internet is not a tough job, but Pinterest is making things even easier for individuals to find things online and save them. The well known social pin board service, Pinterest, has recently rolled out an all new ‘Pin It’ button. The good thing is that the Pin It button will help you to save or mark something from the Internet at half the time that it took in the past.pinterest-save-button

To be precise, previously using Pinterest and marking things took at least a minimum of 4 clicks on the go for any individuals to mark something on the internet. But with the launch of the new button, it will take only two clicks to save something via the social pin board service. The feature comes with a new browser extension, that allows the users to save directly from the browser itself. The button with a Pinterest logo on it will be placed at the upper right corner of your browser, allowing you to pin anything and everything you wish for in an instant.


According to the Pinterest Spokesperson, the save button has been designed because it seems to be the near about, perfect way to save things on the go instead of using the other conventional methods like bookmarking, taking screenshots, saving the link, etc..

The new save button for Pinterest has been designed by Albert Pereta and Cesar Isern, who are from a visual discovery site, Icebergs, which was acquired by Pinterest last summer. The new button will be available to all the browsers. The general expectation is that with time, the number of Pins done by the users will increase. According to the analysts, this can turn out to be a huge market booster for Pinterest.

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