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Best Gaming Headsets – SteelSeries, Polk, Corsair, Logitech and more

To an avid gamer, a gaming headset is one of the most important peripherals available. The best gaming headsets can give the feel of gaming like never before. It can literally bring the gaming world into reality and that’s something every gamer craves for.

However, while buying a gaming headset you need to know about the comfort level of the same as you are going to wear it for a long period of time. Apart from being comfortable, it also has to have a good bass, so that every audio detail of the game is crystal clear to you, providing you with the ultimate gaming experience.


1. Polk Striker ZX

Polk is reputed to provide one of the best gaming sound experiences. This gaming headset is compatible with Xbox One, PC (audio only) and mobile (audio only) and is available with crystal clear sounds. It has such good sound availability that you can even clearly hear the footsteps of your enemies in games like Halo. Polk Striker ZX is available by adjusting options which makes it great on-the-go headset. It has a frequency range of 20-20k Hz and weighs just 8 ounces and is available for just $ 89.95 on amazon.com.


2. Corsair H2100

When it comes to wireless gaming headsets, gamers usually have to choose between performance and wireless. The Corsair H2100 is an exception to this myth. Packed with the latest software and high class sound devices, it provides crystal clear sound within 40 feet of your computer. Whether watching movies or listening to music, playing single or multiplayer games, Corsair H2100 will give you an ultimate experience. It is compatible with the PC, has a frequency range of 20-20k Hz weighs 2 ounces and is available on amazon.com for just $ 89.99.


3. SteelSeries Elite Prism

Weighing a mere 12.8 ounces, SteelSeries Elite Prism is one of the best in the class gaming headset available. Be its style, functionality, innovation or comfort, the SteelSeries Elite Prism is a class apart. It has a sleek design coupled with a comfortable and snug fit which is perfect for your ears. Not only comfort, but it is also packed with the best software and offers fantastic audio experience. It is compatible with PC, Mac, mobile and PS4 and offers the gamers with a never before experience, whether you are into action adventures or shooting games.

It is also equipped with a clear and retractable mic, which comes handy when playing multiplayer games. Humming lows and crisp highs provide a good ambience for music and movies too. Another great attraction of the SteelSeries Elite Prism is the fact that the earcups glow with various colored lights. It is wired, has a frequency range of 16-28k Hz and is available on amazon.com for $149.99.


4. Logitech G230

Are you low on budget but still want a good gaming headset? All you need is the Logitech G230. It is available for just $41.95 on amazon.com and is provided with awesome sound. It doesn’t come with any fancy software and equalization options, but it is easy to set up with audio jacks which plugs into both high end PC and mobiles with ease. It has a frequency range of 50-20k Hz and weighs just 10.6 ounces.


5. Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Available on amazon.com for just $99.99, Kingston HyperX Cloud II is the best gaming headset available under a $100. But the cozy fit and slick style defies the fact that good headsets are not available at low price. Available with 7.1 surround sound and memory foam earcups and headbands this gaming headset is the unparalleled experience while having a binge gaming session. It has a frequency range of 15-25k Hz and weighs just 11.28 ounces and is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox (adapter needed) and PS4.


6. Astro A50

If money is no bar and just the experience matters, then Astro A50 provides you with the best of the best gaming audio experience. Available on amazon.com for $296.00, this gaming headset offers the comfort of playing nonstop for a 24 hours at a stretch. The battery life of this wireless headset supports just the same. It is light and weighs just 13 ounces and has a stylish outlook. The engrossing 7.1 surround sound which is perfect for shooting or multiplayer action adventures or just relaxing with music. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC and has a frequency range of 20-21k Hz.


7. Razer Kraken Chroma

If you’re addicted to high end shooting games, Razer Kraken Chroma is your best buddy. With 7.1 surround sound which gives you an awesome direction sense, this gaming headset allows you to detect your enemies just based on the audio available without even looking. You can either customize each sound zone available or you can choose from the many presets available. It has a snug fit and allows you to change the lighting too. It is compatible with the PC, Mac or PS4, weighs just 12 ounces with a frequency range of 20-20k Hz and is available for just $108.00 on amazon.com.


We hope our selection of best gaming headsets have aided you to choosing your favorite one. Please feel free to let us know about your favorite gaming headsets, whether or not it is on our list by commenting. Happy gaming!

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