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Pandas not as lonesome as they were thought to be

Giant Pandas were considered to be one of the loneliest animals on Earth, but newer studies are pointing towards a different scenario. According to a recent study, Giant Pandas are a lot more social and flirtatious that what we have known them to be. In fact, some of the scientists now believe that the social order is much more developed in their case compare to many other animals. The study was recently published online in the Journal of Mammalogy by some researchers from the Michigan State University.Pandas not as lonesome as they were thought to be

The new found information has completely changed the way we look at Giant Pandas now. The researchers from the Michigan State University attached GPS collars on 5 Giant Pandas or varied sex and returned them to the wilderness at the Wolong Nature Reserve in China. The researchers precisely used 3 adult female Panda, 1 young female Panda and an adult male Panda for the purpose of the study.


According to the researchers, it is extremely to study a Panda’s characteristic. Firstly, Panda’s are extremely elusive species and prefer to live a life of their own. Secondly, identifying a Panda is a tough job owing to the similar looks that they possess. This is one of the main reasons why the GPS collars were used. Hull and her team tracked each and every activity of the 5 Pandas for over 2 years.

The reports suggest that the two adult female Pandas along with the young female loved each others company, while the male Panda travelled extensively showing signs of exploration and territory expansion, a common trait among male animals. An interesting information that comes out shows that Pandas do not specifically play power politics. They are more than happy to have the company of more Pandas in their own territories. The Studies have revealed more unknown things about the Pandas. The Chinese Government has banned the tracking of Pandas, but the study will certainly help in increasing the number of these endangered animals.

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