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Today is the final day of $1M Call of Duty championship 2015

The official 2015 Call of Duty championship is on right now in Los Angeles, California with 32 teams competing from all around the world. The winning team would be getting a mega cash prize of $1M with each team member winning a share of $400,000 each. The event which started on March 27th would be ending on March 29th.call-of-duty-championship-2015

Activision’s Call of Duty eSports website states that four-player teams would be competing head-to-head in intense objective-based game modes. The e sport variant would be using a competitive rule set that would be enjoyable for both viewers and players. With 32 teams participating it is surely going to be a heated affair.


The event is being hosted by Activision and MLG is its broadcasting partner. The teams have been split into eight groups of four. The top two teams from each would be advancing to a 16 team double elimination round. So far day 1 saw intense battling between the teams. Day 2 closed in with the elimination of a lot of teams.

Optic gaming one of the most famous eSports team was also part of the championship. Matt “NaDeSHoT” Haag, who is quite well-known in the gaming world was one of the members of the team and hoped to win the tournament this weekend. Haag has won similar tournaments previously but was fighting for the prestigious title this year. The optic has one of the biggest fan bases and is considered as the most loved team with a lot many people rooting for it. The Optic so far was dominant on day 1, having won their group, however their tournament round came to an end in the third round as they came face to face with FaZe Red.

The internet, according to Major League gaming’s Chris Puckett has been extremely beneficial for esports.It has given an opportunity to a large number of gamers to be able to earn money through online sports. Today a large number of people have been able to make a career out of eSports.Tournaments and championships have also become a major source of encouragement for these people.

Many other game developers like Blizzard and Riot are also trying to follow the footsteps of Activision and are showing a keen interest in eSports.They have also been involved in year-long tournaments. However, Activision is currently content in performing by itself or along with companies like MLG.

Watch the Live telecast of the CoD championship 2015 in the source link, below.

Call of Duty Championship Recap Video (Day 1):

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