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Google responds to Wall Street Journal report on FTC

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) on Friday shot back at Wall Street Journal for carrying a report, which mentioned that the Federal Trade Commission did not tacking action despite finding the search giant of anti-competitive practices. The company responded by stating that the report contained inaccuracies and were misleading.2014-07-17T203943Z_889699968_GM1EA5V06RA01_RTRMADP_3_US-GOOGLE-RESULTS

Google posted a GIF of a chuckling baby in a blog post, mentioning that the company wanted to give its side of the story. The Mountain View, California tech firm then countered the Journal’s reports. The ‘Wall Street Journal,’ owned by Australian-born CEO of News Corp., carried a report that FTC did not sue the company despite recommendations from staff.


“One of your newspapers, the Wall Street Journal, accused Google of wielding undue political influence,” said Google.

Google claimed that FTC’s statement was in accordance with staff recommendations. Another report mentioned that the tech firm had considerable influence over Washington and other tech firms. The tech firm countered that the visits were aimed at assisting the HealthCare.gov website and for YouTube interviews of the President. Since 2009, about 230 Google personnel had visited the White House.

The search engine giant stated that the meeting were not held to discuss anti-trust investigation. Topics like self-driving cars and cyber-security were discussed during meeting, the company added. Google explained FTC decision on not to sue the company as it did not hold a monopoly in the search engine market. Similar decisions were taken in the courts in Germany and Brazil.

Instead of a serious response, Google has opted for a funny and sarcastic response, which clearly sent a message to the WSJ for bringing in more credibility for its reports. Will WSJ back down or will it create a stronger report to prove it accusations against Google?

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