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Facebook bringing BIG changes to its Messenger service

Facebook is expected to bring in approximately 20 changes to its Facebook Messenger Application in order to bring it to the level where other Social messaging applications stand. The major inclusion seems to be the introduction of third party application development, which may well play a major role in the resurrection. The details will be probably be available for us during the upcoming F8 conference.Facebook bringing changes to its messaging application

The largest social networking site, Facebook, has been undergoing quite a few changes for some time now. But the question is what is it that has forced the social networking giants to bring in the changes. The experts believe that the forced changes are an effect of the changes that the internet media has seen over the past couple of years. With the migration of the teenagers, to the social media applications, from social networking sites has forced the sites to bring in the changes. The rise of applications like SnapChat and WeChat has, to a certain extent reduced the user base that social networking sites like Facebook once had.


Facebook Messenger is currently placed at the 3rd spot in the list of most used Social messaging applications after WhatsApp (Owned by Facebook) and QQMobile. Although, this does not sound alarm bells, but the gradual rise in the user base of Social messaging applications like WeChat, Line and SnapChat, can turn into serious competition if not taken care of.

We are not clear about what the other additions are going to be, but it is for sure that Facebook is certainly looking forward to improve the applications. The F8 conference is also of utmost importance as there is an air of expectancy, as the analysts believe that we might just get the next update in regard to Oculus VR and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets during the conference itself.

Facebook on Tuesday announced that it would allow payments through its Messenger service, used for sending messages, emoticons and photos. The feature will be welcomed among the younger generation, though the huge collection of payment data can pose a security risk.

The company had hired former PayPal President David Marcus to run the Messenger division, in a move to generate revenue from its assets. The feature will have a simple interface with a dollar sign at the bottom. Users can tap the button to enter the amount and a pin number can be added for added security. A debit card will be required for the free payment service.

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