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Microsoft updates the patent deal with Melco and Fuji Xerox

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has officially announced that the patent deals with Melco Holdings and Fuji Xerox have been updated. The latest deal on patents with Microsoft are just continuations of the previous deals that existed between Microsoft and the two companies. Although, none of the three companies have disclosed the exact terms of the updated patent deal, but spokesperson from all the three firms confirmed the news. Microsoft is a major holder of various Android patents and does have a lot of earning coming from the royalties of the patents.06-Microsoft_Building_99_610x407

The initial patent deal with Fuji Xerox was struck between the companies in the year 2007. The deal incorporated Fuji Xerox products using basic proprietary source code and open source software like Linux. On the other hand, Microsoft used a few patents of Fuji Xeron for Microsoft Office. Under the other terms and conditions, both Microsoft and Fuji Xerox were well compensated in various different means for their patents. Now all we know is that the patent deal has been updated, but the current agreement is still unknown to us.


Microsoft struck its deal with Melco Holdings in the year 2009. Melco Holdings are a part of Buffalo Group, which specializes in LinkStation and AIrStation products. The deal between the companies allowed Buffalo Group to use Melco Products based on Linux and other open source based related software. Back then, it was stated that Melco Holdings payed royalties to Microsoft under the deal. With the update, we are not sure about the present status of the deal as no details have been provided by any of the companies.

Microsoft has been recently in the news owing to Patent related issues as the Windows maker filed a lawsuit against Kyocera under patent infringement. Kyocera allegedly uses a few of Microsoft’s patents without paying any royalty to the owners. Microsoft has more than 1000 patent agreements with a long list of vendors.

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