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Federal Trade Commission: Google Manipulated Search Results

This time it’s the Federal Trade Commission, which is pointing towards Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) search results. There have been talks about Google manipulating the search results in order to help its own agenda. But the United States Federal Trade Commission has stated in a report that Google has in fact manipulated the search results for its own good at the expense of its rival companies. The report is a part of a lengthy investigation done by the FTC in this regard. The allegation comes as a shock to quite a few people, as Google is known to provide unbiased search results.google

Till date Google kept veil of honesty, pretending to provide the users with correct search engine results. But as it seems, Google is ready to do anything as long as its purposes are fulfilled. The report suggests that Google in spite of the having proper internal algorithms, the search engine giant changed the results, thus depriving its users.


The alteration did not just help Google Inc. in its agenda, but to a certain extent. It also deprived its rivals of the success and user base it deserved. The alteration in the ranking criteria is one of the prime examples of Google’s mischievous act. It is undoubted that Google is the most preferred Search Engine and the company took the help of the dominance to carry out its own agenda.

The interesting fact is, you cannot file a lawsuit against Google. The fact that they have changed the search results is completely dependent on them. They did not change the data and thus, there stands no point alleging Google of any evil work. Google used its dominance to provide the users, the result that it wanted its users to see. With no hand in alteration of data or any content, Lawsuit might just be too hard to be filed.

Google on the other hand has not responded in an anxious manner. Instead, Google’s Counsel, Kent Walker stated that they regularly change their searching algorithms to provide the users with best possible search results. The main goal is to provide the users with the best possible result and they will keep doing that.

One will have to wait and see how the United States Federal Trade Commission reacts to the allegations. On one part, the manipulation can be termed as unethical and violation of consumer rights and right on the other hand, you cannot catch Google for any exact alteration of somebody else’s content.

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