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Things to know about Vernal Equinox – for beginners

Before we start with this informative article with everyone, certainly it is the best time to wish for equinox. Recently this equinox happened in this month of 20th, 2015. It generally occurs during the start of the fall season, specifically, of the southern hemisphere. Well, most of the people are still not aware of what exactly happens on this day and why is it considered so important.vernal-equinox

If you are equally looking out for some information on it, then certainly this is the right page where you have landed up. Here you will gain a lot more information about the universe and Hemisphere and secrets which it is held for long.


Know what happens to Vernal Equinox:

For people who stay in the Northern Hemisphere, plants sprouting and winds blowing are the good and happy sign, whereas for people from south, it depicts the autumn beginning. At the same time, it is one total eclipse sign which comes rarely. It is related to the eclipse, which is worth to watch out for.

At such time, the sun crosses the equator of the line which divides northern and southern hemisphere. Due to this instead of sun not moving on the earth, shifts the earth underneath the sun due to which it goes far north in the sky that changes the environment a bit.

During this type of equinox, the direction of the sun over the equator changes. It thus hampers the overall weather condition as well. At such point of time, the sun moves back on the south that is in the lower in the sky. Hence, this is the reason due to which the days become shorter and the nights get long. This may seem to be a troublesome at one side, but on the other side, it is all time to enjoy the summer.

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