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Mont Saint-Michel: The Island got a Tide Blanket + Video

The changing environment has invited to unwanted yet surprising weather condition has well. Say whether it the total eclipse, which our mother earth had faced today or the high tides that occurred on the Normandy coast. However, people enjoyed this scenery, beauty where hundreds and thousands of people have gathered together to enjoy the view at Normandy coast where Mont Saint-Michel was actually covered with high tides.mont-saint-michel-tide

Many people enjoyed this view at island on Saturday. Though these tides seem to be amazing, but the forecast team has stated that so far of this century, it was one of the highest tides that anybody can come across.  The island has got the amazing historic beauty it has got. Located at the mile offshore, this place is connected with the mainland area along with a narrow causeway. However, police had a bit of trouble to handle the huge crowd. Being exceptionally high tide, it seems that the total eclipse effect had a great impact on the waves.


It gave the most dramatic effect on that day. However, the Mont Saint-Michel’s picturesque island was worth to watch out where the tides were as high like four-storey building. It was mostly because the extra gravitational force which the moon has pulled in the sea. Being linked with alignment of sun=, Earth and moon, this tide seemed to be the highest one so far.

This type of natural occurrence comes rarely, but certainly is worth to watch out for. It is, however, advised to see such breathtaking scenes only with great precautions. Looking at the environmental changing situations, we can just hope that these tides will give a good scenery view and not the fear in the near future as it may affect the humanity to a great extent.

Video of high tides at Mont Saint-Michel:

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