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Spinning down of Rosetta Comet – Is it good or bad?

The world of science has advanced so much that now we can have the control on the comets that may attack us. The comet has become one such part and a parcel of like that has taught so much about Earth’s origin, besides it has helped us explore more part of the universe. It contains some challenges and records of our solar system’s. Since many planets and the moon have undergone changes, same was the case with comets. To study more about them and protect them from attacking our earth, Our focus has now shifted to Rosetta.rosetta-comet-spinning

Know More about Rosetta


NASA has started with the International Rosetta mission that focuses on making a complete study on comet’s composition, characteristics and behavior. Besides, we also can come to know about how the comets started and how they work. NASA is expecting a great study to be done by Rosetta.

What the Current Updates say?

Recently, NASA planned to launch Rosetta above, it seems that due to some kind of irregular patter the landing of it got delayed and due to which it got re-established again. The current news has stated that Philae and Rosetta are in constant touch as the orbit gets lowered down the comet’s horizon. The continuous updates are being made with regards to the events

A sequence that took place during the landing. Engineers may refer to telemetry as well for clear reference. Science has developed far a lot. It may be a good sign to explore the universe pretty faster than expected. However, if certain technical issue rises up, then it could become a risky part. However, humans never stop trying and can never do that in future. Looking at the development which our science is making today, we can predict that humanity will see a better future ahead with far much safer environment.

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