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Millions in Northern Europe and UK witnessed the Total Solar Eclipse [Video]

When we say Eclipse, what strikes in the mind is the darkest phase which comes rarely. There are five phases of eclipses which generally our mother earth comes across. Out of this, recently Europe has experienced total lunar eclipse. Generally it is not visible to all the parts of the earth.solar-eclipse

Update: Millions of people in the UK and northern Europe witnessed the phenomenon of the moon’s entry between the sun and the Earth. Many camera crew captured startling footage of the event reaching totality at 09:41 GMT. Britain, a few other European countries, and parts of Asia and Africa experienced partial eclipses, reported USA Today.


People who are located in the path of the umbra are lucky enough to see such type of eclipse. Talking about the total lunar eclipse, it seems that there was much of a hype and expectation made from it, but the result did not seem to be that effective.

Know more about Total Solar Eclipse:

It is one phase of eclipse where the Moon is between the sun and the Earth. At such time till the moon is between them, the earth gets completely black out. That particular time could be as dark as night, as compared to Partial and Annular Solar Eclipses, this phase is considered as the best one to watch out for and of course, we need to have patience to see this as it comes quite rarely. Say around2-5 times a year. This type of eclipse last for many hours.

Was this year’s Eclipse hype:

No one could solve this mystery, but is certainly the expectation was not up to the mark as the last time the Total Eclipse that was occurring in 2009 was for quite a long time say for 6 minutes. Most of the scientist, however, stated that though the beauty could be enjoyed for long, but the moment was worth to watch out for.

However, in interviews made with many astronauts, they stated that they had a pretty good experience to see the natural beauty of how the sun was getting covered. People who chased the Eclipse in that time span certainly had a good moment.

Watch the video released by European Space Agency:

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