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Police Shoot a Man Who Attacked T.S.A Officers; Panic at New Orleans Airport

There was a huge panic among people at the New Orleans Airport as a Law enforcement officer shot the man who attacked Transportation Security Administration officers with the help of a wasp spray and a machete. This incident occurred on Friday night at the busy Louis Armstrong International Airport outside New Orleans as reported by the authorities.airport-shootout-tsa-officer

The man who was shot has been identified as Richard White, who drove a taxi for his living. According to the sheriff who shot him, Mr. White appeared at the airport a little before 8pm and started doing wasp spray on several TSA officers. The mayhem did not stop here as he pulled out a machete with his other hand and started swinging it wildly on the officers present at the scene. Mr. White chased one Police officer who tried to defend himself with the help of his luggage.


Seeing this scenario, a deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office fired three shots at Mr. White with his pistol. Mr. White was hit on the left side of his face along with his chest and thigh. One of the shots that had been fired on Mr. White hit the officer who was being chased by Mr. White.

As many as six people were treated at the scene by an emergency doctor. Four of those have been referred to a hospital, including the attacker who is possessing serious wounds. Mr. White is undergoing surgery while the TSA officer is out of any possible danger for life.

A spokesman from Sheriff’s office said that Mr. White lived in Kenner, which is actually a suburb around the airport. The car of Mr. White had been parked outside the terminal and he was checked by a bomb squad. Police is interviewing the family of the attacker in order to retrieve more info about him and also to figure out what exactly caused the attack.

The passengers who were present at the scene were terrified to the extreme with such an incident. Farah Stockman, who is a columnist for The Boston Globe recollected that when she came out from the bathroom, she saw Mr. White lying face down with an ample of blood around him. She also saw a massively large knife lying near his head. She added, “It was very chaotic. People in the terminal were crying, people were cowering in bathroom stalls crying because they didn’t know what was going on.”

The passengers were being evacuated from the scene instantly and there was a great terror in every one of them. Police is trying to find out the real reason for the attack and we will get the answers soon hopefully.

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