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Officer met with a Fatal Accident after posting a Photo with Booze

Police is trying to figure out the reason behind a head on head collision of a car carrying three off duty New Jersey Police officers into a tractor-trailer. It has been found out that a few hours before the crash, a police officer who happened to be in the same car posted a picture on Instagram with three shots of Jack Daniels filled up in the glasses.linden-police-crash

The accident killed a Police officer from the car, a civilian and leaving the rest of the two Policemen critically injured. According to Linden Police Chief James Schulhafer, “But that being said, because this is an ongoing investigation, it would be way too premature to speculate on what caused this accident.”


The Police officer who died in the accident is identified as Frank Viggiano. The civilian who also lost his life in the accident was named Joe Rodriguez. Both of the dead were traveling in the car that met with an accident.

The other two Police officers who are left critically injured in the accident are; 27 year old driver Pedro Abad and 23 year old Patrik Kudlac. They were also Linden Police officers. They are now being treated at the hospitals on Staten Island. According to the Linden Police captain James Samicki, both the injured Police officers have critical wounds and are fighting to survive. The New York Police Department assured that Abad’s blood sample has been taken in order to test his blood-alcohol level.

A surveillance camera from a gas station in Rossville obtained by SILive.com, captured the accident and it shows the car going towards wrong way on service road for a couple of minutes before it crashed on the adjacent highway. According to the video, accident occurred at 4:48 am. The Police was informed about it at 4:51am through 911.

Samicki seemed worried about the family members of the dead and said, “At this point our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Frank Viggiano, this is an unspeakable tragedy. In the 37 years of his service, I have not seen any of such casualties happen to any officer before.”

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