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New game changer Apple TV with Siri, App Store and HomeKit coming in June

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple TV related news was almost cracking minds of each and everyone in this global market, finally it is confirmed that, in future we may see an App store for set-top box, comes with the support of Siri, increased on-board storage, with an official Software Development Kit and HomeKit Support too.apple-tv

In terms of timing, the new hardware thing from Apple has made a hundred of sense for us. At the same time, drop in the price of current Apple TV claims that Apple is clearing out their existing inventory and preparing for a new model. Also Apple has announced that it is seeking to take a key step towards Apple TV and will make Apple TV as a true replacement for a television, instead of providing an additional complement for existing TVs


Apple also has plans to launch a new service for video streaming with a complete access to broadcast channels and prices will be unveiled in the summer, according to various recent reports. In the month of June, a new streaming service will be launched with a sporting iTunes branding to the global consumers. Moreover, all the announcements are coming especially for WWDC and make the event as a media-focused special event.

One more interesting fact is that, Apple TV SDK will allow the developer to develop new applications for the App Store and Apple TV owners can operate the TV with the help of voice commands. Siri allows the users to operate Apple TV with their voice command itself.

Finally, we won’t get surprised even if Apple TV comes with a new sort of remote app that allows us to operate TV using voice/gesture controls. And even it may integrate with wearables to increase the usability of the device and new features, streaming services will make the device more wonderful one.

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