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Graco has been fined $10 million for defective child seat buckles

Graco, the manufacture of child seat buckles, has been fined for approximately $10 million, as it failed to recall about 4 million defective child seats. The defective buckles in the seat make it more difficult to release the lock in case of emergency situation.graco-child-seats

Now, Garco has agreed to settle the claims for the defective child seat, the delay in the recall makes the Graco to pay for $10 million, said federal regulators. The NHTSA, (i.e, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) said that the manufacturer will pay $3 million as a fine and need to spend $7 million for developing safety programs.


Graco said that the problems in the seat buckles were due to the spilling of food or drinks over the buckles by the children. But parents claimed that they had to cut the strap, if any sort of emergency situation arises, to the federal regulators and the contamination excuses were dismissed by the regulators.

In the month of January 2014, the agency has demanded for the recall, but the manufacturer refused to do that. But a month later, Graco has changed its mind and agreed. In December, federal regulators started to investigate regarding the issue and also whether Graco has recalled the seats or not. The whole scenario started in the year of 2009, when parents were made a complaint regarding the buckles defectiveness.

Mark Rosekind, the agency’s administrator, said in a statement:

“Friday’s fine uses NHTSA’s enforcement authority to not only hold a manufacturer accountable, but to keep our kids safe. We accept this fine and the additional funding requested by NHTSA for a joint venture involving child passenger safety initiatives in the future.”

Graco has recalled the toddler seats in February 2014, and in the meanwhile, NHTSA sent a letter to Graco that questioned them why infant car seats were not included in the recall list. This accused the company, that gives “incomplete and misleading” documents for its consumers. As a result, the company has recalled around 1.9 million seats in last July.

Graco need to summit the independent audit that shows how it spends 7 million for developing safety programs and awareness campaigns.

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