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Transfer Apps & Game Data Between iOS Devices (iPhones/iPads)

Happiness is: owning a new gadget. And if it’s a new iPhone or an iPad, the happiness simply gets multiplied. However, transferring data from your old device to the new one may be bit of a jargon. But there is no need to lose your sleep over it. You can do it quite easily with the help of iExplorer. Like almost all tough problems you face has a simple solution to it, this problem, too, is solved by this simple app.trasfer-apps

As you know, most of the apps and data, can be transferred to your new iOS device with the help of cloud. By this, you simply need to plug in your old device, get all the data synced with the iCloud storage, unplug it and all your data gets backed up. Now at your own convenience, you simply need to plug in your new iOS device and restore the backed up data. However, this does not ensure that all your data, especially the hard earned level of games like Minecraft will be properly backed up and restored.


No need to worry about it. Just follow the below mentioned steps and you can get your levels secured.

  • iExplorer is an app which allows you to sync selective apps and data between your computer and your iOS device. Not only the game data or apps, but you can also sync your contacts, SMS, voice memos, photos, pretty much anything and everything you want without having to sync everything your device has. You can download he app at http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/
  • While transferring app data from one device to the iOS make sure you have the app installed in your new iOS device. Like, if you want to restore all the levels of Minecraft in your new iOS device, you first have to download the same in the new device.
  • Install iExplorer in your computer. Plug in the old device with the help of a data transfer cable. Launch iExplorer once your device is connected to your computer.
  • Open the files on your old device on your computer and select the app data you want to transfer. Usually all the data you need is stored in the folder named Document in your main app folder. Copy and paste this folder on your desktop.
  • Disconnect the old device from your computer and connect your new iOS device to the computer. Once the new device is launched in your computer, you just need to find the app folder in the app whose data you want to restore. Copy and paste the Document folder from your desktop to your device app folder. And you’re done. All the data you need is restored in your new device. Pretty easy to do, isn’t it?

Despite of the above mentioned easy steps, you may find some trouble copying and restoring the files. The fact that different apps have their data saved in different folders makes it a bit tedious sometimes. Often it so happens that the data may be stored as small files in more than one folder, in which case you may need to copy all the folders and restore it back into the new device.

It may also happen so that the devices have different versions of the game installed. But that shouldn’t affect the restoration of data. In some cases the data gets automatically synced in the iCloud. In that case you don’t need the iExplorer. You just need to switch on the syncing option and your data are synced and backed up in the iCloud automatically

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