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Google’s Self Driving Cars to hit the roads by 2020

The much talked about Google’s Self Driving Cars may well be nearer that you expected. According to the reports, the Self Driving Cars from Google can very well be a reality by the end of 2020.8ce04a81ee81c38fb254f6816d76b23f (1)

It was during a conversation with Chris Urmson, head of Google’s Self Driving Cars’ project at the TED conference in Vancouver stated that they are looking forward to bring the technology into the market by the end of the next 5 years. The statement has sparked something in the internet media as the statement is very much similar to the statements and rumors related to Apple Cars.



The current model of Google’s Self Driving Cars’ prototype looks completely furbished without a steering wheel or any annual control medium. The simulation tests record up to approximately 3 million miles daily, which is certainly a good sign. But the lack of any manual control option, has allowed the critics to point at the Self Driving Cars.

The Team behind Google’s Self Driving Cars’ is currently working on improving the capabilities of the car under different conditions and situations like lane closures, rough bikers, etc.. Google is currently working in collaboration with companies like Ford, General Motors, Daimler and Volkswagen, to bring in a few intelligent features into its Self Driving Cars.

Urmson believes that with 5 years the Self Driving Cars will be ready and even his 11 year old son will be able to have his own car. The head behind the Self Driving Cars’ project believes that riding a self driving car will be much safer than being in the back seat of the best Cab driver in the world. One will be have to wait at least till 2020 to see the Self Driving Cars being launched.

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